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NORTHWEST IMPACT is an annual mission offering that extends and equips the partnership of about 500 Northwest Baptist Convention churches for spiritual transformation across Oregon, Washington and north Idaho. Formally known as the Sylvia Wilson Mission Offering, the Northwest Impact theme seeks to multiply the cooperative mission efforts of church planting, leadership development of pastors and ministry staff, Disaster Relief ministries that offer people help and hope in the midst of crisis, sharing Christ’s love with children through Vacation Bible Schools and other outreach projects, evangelism among special groups such as college students.

General promotional videos for the Northwest Impact Mission Offering usually are available by August 1 for download to use in various church gatherings, online or in-person. The offering supports church planting, collegiate ministries, Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief, Vacation Bible School outreach for children and families, ethnic church development and leadership development for pastors and ministry leaders in the Northwest. The video is downloadable in various formats on the NWBC’s Vimeo channel.

Northwest Impact Missions Offering 2023 Disaster Relief

Northwest Impact Missions Offering 2023 Disaster Relief

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